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Birth Preparation

Pregnant woman in dress holds hands on b

   Beginning in week 34 (or earlier if you are continuing previous acupuncture care), we will help you start preparing for your baby's birth. We will help them move head down or stay happy if already there. Your baby will be entering into their final growing phase and preparing for their exodus from your womb. For the next few weeks we will support this growth and positioning with extra nourishment of your body and spirit.

   Then between weeks 36 and 38, we will begin to include points in your prescription that will help your cervix to ripen and help your baby get comfortable moving further down into your pelvis. We will continue to support your reserve strength and help your womb get ready for the marathon it is about to undertake.

   As your due date approaches, or if it has already passed and you are ready to meet your baby, we will "ramp up" our sessions and help your body make all the hormones it needs to really get things moving! Once baby and mama are ready, it is common for labor to come into full swing just a short time after these sessions. And often labor is shorter and easier, as well!

Whether you are coming for your first appointment ever or are a seasoned recipient of acupuncture, we will support you in your birthing process.

Acupuncture has a cumulative effect, that means the more the merrier!

However, even one session can really get thing rolling. So, come in as soon as you can and we will help you bring your baby into the world!

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