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Grace J. Stojanov

Master Face Reader

Licensed Acupuncturist

Diplomate of Oriental Medicine

Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine

     Grace J. Stojanov graduated with a Master of Science degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine in 2009 from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. She is a Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of California and a nationally Board-certified Chinese Herbalist. She began her career in New York City and worked abroad onboard the Celebrity Eclipse cruise ship. When she returned from traveling overseas, she established a private practice in San Diego, California.

     Before becoming a Chinese medical practitioner, Grace found her footing in healthcare as an open-water lifeguard and First Responder. Pursuing this avenue of service, she worked as an EMT in an Emergency Department and Hyperbaric chamber. Expanding her knowledge, she became an Orthopedic Technologist, Certified. She assisted orthopedic surgeons for several years in the clinic and in surgery. It was during this time that she recognized the healthcare need for more extensive non-emergent, non-invasive medical options. While pondering the question, if a condition does not respond to medication or physical therapy, and waiting for surgery is the presumed last option what else may be done, Grace discovered the practice of Chinese medicine—Eastern nutrition, bodywork, meditative exercise, acupuncture, and herbalism. She embarked on this path and never looked back.

     Once in private practice, Grace began by working with the same conditions with which she was familiar in Western medicine: primary practice, orthopedics, and post-operative recovery. Over the years her diagnostic skills developed, and she expanded her practice to include internal medicine, women's health, and reproductive medicine. She benefited greatly from the mentorship of Dr. Deb Davies from whom she underwent extensive pregnancy and birth training, including becoming a birth doula. Grace now works with couples and individuals seeking to support their fertility and nurturing them through all stages of their parenting journey—preconception, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Through this experience she has come to understand just how significantly the way a person feels contributes to their expression of health and how important addressing human psychology is for harmonious wellbeing. Face reading is the psychological branch of Chinese medicine and has been used in practice since this medicine’s inception. During the transition to Traditional Chinese medicine in the 1940s, it was forgotten. It is now being reawakened in modern day practitioners through the great works of Lillian Pearl Bridges, founder of the Lotus Institute, and other eminent face readers like her. Grace studied extensively with Lillian, and the wonderful teachers at the Lotus Institute, and attained the certification of Master Face Reader. She brings this knowledge into every session with her patients, adding rich layers of meaning to their experience and understanding. In sharing her love of face reading and Chinese medicine's Five Element theory, Grace published an article in the Spring 2023 edition of Pacific College's AIM Newspaper that explores how they are portrayed through film. Read Grace's article here.

​​​​​​​     Grace has a passion for helping people understand how their bodies work, and how to attain better health for themselves and for their loved ones. She counsels her patients in preventative healthcare by offering supportive nutrition and lifestyle choices, herbal medicine, and regular acupuncture. Grace currently teaches Face Reading at her alma mater, guiding students as they learn about themselves and delve into the intricacies of this beautiful medicine.

     She is dedicated to helping those who seek this wisdom find it.

"Preventative medicine is much more than just prevention, it is empowering."  ~ Lillian Pearl Bridges

Grace Stojanov Licensed Acupuncturist/Herbalist/Women's Health

Hello and Welcome!

     I would love to hear from you and help you navigate this amazing world of Chinese medicine. Let's chat about how it can help you to feel better! Please reach out with your questions, and I'll look forward to connecting with you.


In good health,


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