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Available Treatments

Face Reading

     Every face tells a story. It shows who someone has been, who they currently are, and who they are likely to become. A face can reveal helpful information about someone's health, often in time to prevent more serious conditions. It can speak of a person's innate talents and abilities and share the importance of manifesting them. Reading a face can even help someone find their life's purpose. 

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     Often, we exist in the world as the person we want others to see, in the roles of life we choose to perform. We believe this is fulfilling and brings us contentment. Sometimes, we recognize that it does not. Face reading is a way to see behind the masks we wear to find our own inner truth, to discern our Original Face. It is a way to understand our story and discover our true nature and the unique gifts we have to share with the world.

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     Chinese medicine utilizes the paradigm of the Five Elements and the relationships between the Elements to explain the natural world, the physiological functions of life, and even the psychological processes of the mind. Through face reading, our elemental traits are revealed. These traits are expressed through personality (take the Personality Assessment here) and as physical strengths and body constitution. A face reading can help you understand why life experiences happen as they do and how your responses are in alignment with the greater whole. It can help you identify changes you may wish to make and find the innate joy of life. For a festive exploration of face reading through movies themes and the relationships of the Five Elements, read an article Grace wrote here

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Facial Diagnosis


     As we experience life over the years, events and emotions get stored away and some can become suppressed. Perhaps those emotions that we regularly express are not genuine. These circumstances can tax and exhaust us. Over time, this can lead to health challenges. Reading the signs on the face describes the health of the body and organ systems, and the health of the mind and emotions. Imbalances can often be identified well in advance of medical diagnoses. This gives us the opportunity to correct lifestyle patterns before illnesses arise. Recognizing where our energy has been trapped and our zest for life has been lost helps us see what must be addressed in order for healing to occur. Freeing this trapped energy is revitalizing!  



     Acupuncture is the medical practice of using very fine needles (about as thick as a few strands of hair) to activate your body's healing ability at specific points along the network through which your qi travels. When applied, you may feel nothing, a slight pinch, or more commonly a distending or heavy sensation. This is your body recognizing and responding to the treatment. This is a good response! It is very similar to when your massage therapist finds that sore spot in a muscle that really needs to relax. 

   Activating these points on your body stimulates the release of endorphins. This not only feels good, it also relieve pain! Additionally, it regulates and strengthens your immune system and sends messages to your brain to balance your hormones and neurotransmitters. Overall, a treatment will bring all your body's functions back into balance.

     Having an acupressure treatment is very similar to having an acupuncture treatment with one notable difference ...
... no needles!
     Instead of placing needles to activate your body's energy, very light pressure is applied to your acupuncture points in a slow, dance-like rhythm. This incredibly relaxing treatment incorporates key principles of ThetaHealing (TM) with the wisdom of Chinese medicine. You may just fall asleep (which is great because that's when you do your best healing). In most cases, the results are similar to those of acupuncture and can feel quite profound.
     If you would like a needle-free session, let us know and you can get started on your path to feeling better today!
Chinese Herbal Medicine

​     The use of herbal medicine is ancient and found in every culture. You can go to the store or look online and find a vast array of herbal supplements for just about everything. But, what to choose?


     We will help you navigate the options with recommendations about supplements and by using this vast herbal pharmacopeia to create a customized herbal formula that is specifically tailored to your particular needs. We also take safety very seriously and will consider any possible drug-herb interactions when crafting your blend. Because these are custom formulas, they can be made to safely support you and your baby during pregnancy and postpartum.

     Herbal medicine can be used in conjunction with acupuncture treatments or as a stand-alone therapy. Preparations come as a granulated tea or in capsules -- let us know what's easiest for you. And, most formulas can be created with vegetarian consideration, so please let us know if you prefer this option.

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Nutritional Counseling

     When it comes to considering what to eat, and how to eat, and when to eat, and what not to eat ... all the options can be consuming! We simplify this process by considering your needs through the lens of your Chinese medical diagnosis. Using this paradigm, we can gauge what foods and nutrients your body is lacking, and where there is extra to pare away. Then, we can construct a plan as simple or as radical as you want, that you will feel comfortable sticking to, so you can achieve those changes you want to make.

     Clean, whole foods and good hydration are the foundation of our recommendations. Whether your like to cook or have meals prepared and ready-to-eat, we will find the menu options that work best for you and support your health.

Cupping & Gua Sha

     Both of these techniques are used to relieve areas of congestion in the tissues, muscles, and circulation. They improve blood and lymphatic flow and help the tissues to remove built-up wastes and toxins. They soothe the central nervous system and help to lower blood pressure. Cupping employs a gentle suction, like a reverse massage to accomplish these results, and gua sha utilizes a gentle scraping.

     Cupping and gua sha are also used frequently to support the immune system and quickly relieve respiratory ailments, such as asthma or the common cold. These therapies help the body to decrease inflammation and release antioxidant enzymes to speed the healing process.

Tui Na Therapy

     Bodywork is an important tool to facilitate healing. It relaxes the muscles and tissues, promotes circulation, and soothes the central nervous system. This allows the body to release the tension it held and the mind to release stress and non-serving emotions. It helps you breathe. Just breathe.

     Tui na is a style of Chinese medical massage. It can be incorporated into any treatment session and is often used when tight muscles need encouragement to relax, or to improve the flow of blood and lymph an area of the body. And, because of that deep connection of the central nervous system with all our organs, when the gentle rocking of this therapy allows your fight-or-flight response to quiesce, it can bring about a deep sense of ease and calm.


     Reflexology is more than a glorified foot massage. Many practitioners of reflexology wouldn't call it a massage at all, but it does feel good! On the feet is a representation of the whole person, and through the energetic connections of each body part, the person can be affected. Reflexology is connected with our understanding of the world around us and us within it -- literally, an under-standing. And when we have difficulty processing things and our understandings get jumbled, the energy gets blocked and can't flow. As with all of Chinese and energetic medicines, where there are blockages, there is pain, and when those blockages are cleared, the pain is relieved.


     The art of reflexology is working with the feet to find and clear those stagnant areas so the feet feel great and the body and spirit can heal. In our clinic, (unless otherwise requested) essential oils are incorporated into every session to facilitate and accentuate this healing modality.


New Patients

Initial visits are conducted in two parts. We spend about 45 minutes to an hour on the phone discussing your medical history and immediate concerns. Then, we meet in person for an additional 75 to 90 minutes to answer any questions that arose from our discussion and give you a therapeutic treatment of your choosing. Follow up visits range from 60 to 90 minutes, as needed.

Virtual consultations are available to discuss herbal and nutritional therapies.

Custom formulas are mailed for your convenience.


To get the most out of your sessions, please come hydrated and comfortably full so we have energy for you to use to heal. It is best to abstain from stimulants for at least an hour beforehand.


Afterward, drink plenty of fluids to help your body flush, eat a warming and nourishing meal, and if possible, take a nice walk to help your energy flow.

You are welcome to download our new patient forms here to get started.

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